leaf  February 14, 2014   Passing of Ethyle Bloch

On the passing of Ethyle Bloch, who along with her husband Bill were not only among the founders of ACRES but very good friends of Cedar Creek, we have taken liberty to quote a statement from Jason Kissel, Executive Director of ACRES: (along with a great picture of the founders). A memorial will be held in March in Wisconsin:

"Ethyle Bloch died last Friday at her home in Peshtigo, WI. Ethyle was the last living founding member of ACRES. She served as ACRES’ first Treasurer, was active on the board for decades, and continued to remain active in ACRES right up until last week when she responded to a note I sent her. We are gathering stories and information about Ethyle for the ACRES Summer Quarterly, if you have anything to share, please let me know.

Ethyle is within one of my favorite pictures of the organization from the 60s shown below. Ethyle is on the far left, next to Jane Dustin, Jim Barrett at the scope, John Klotz standing, and Tom Dustin on the far right."

Jason Kissel
Executive Director, ACRES Land Trust

Obituary, Peshstigo Times

leaf Sept. 23, 2011    "Attorney remembered for guarding environment"

Friends of Cedar Creek send their sympathy to the family of James M. Barrett III. Jim will always be a great inspiration for everyone with a passion to preserve nature.

Journal Gazette - by Archie Ingersoll
"In a brief autobiography, Barrett wrote that he developed an interest in the outdoors as a child growing up in Fort Wayne."

McComb and Son's Obituary

leaf Mar. 13, 2010    The Passing of Art George

Members, I know a number of members had missed the passing of member Art George on February 23, at his home. Art was 84.

Art was a wonderful supporter of Friends of Cedar Creek and Izaak Walton, always good natured and had great nature stories for our meetings. He had a special knack of drawing in wildlife from all around his home and getting great photos that we all enjoyed. Friends of Cedar Creek sent a floral arrangement, and memorials were specified to Izaak Walton.

Art, we will miss you.

Indiana News Center Obituaries

Al Diefenbach