WHEREAS, The Friends of Cedar Creek (FoCC) was organized and incorporated to protect this stream in its natural state, and whose members are mainly property owners adjacent to the stream or in its watershed; and,

WHEREAS, the FoCC has since its creation in 1965 participated directly in the creation of public policy to fulfill the preservation purpose, including designation of the entire stream in Allen County and a mile into DeKalb, under the Indiana Natural, Scenic and Recreational Rivers Act, and has additionally supported the dedication of a number of private and public properties along the stream under the Indiana Nature Preserves Act, and has further encouraged the conveyance of protective and restrictive easements, as well as outright land gifts contributing to the preservation goal; and,

WHEREAS, FoCC has consistently opposed all public and private actions held incompatible with protection of the natural features of Cedar Creek and its associated ecosystem, and fully supports the dedicatory documents and Master Plans of present dedicated Nature Preserves alone Cedar Creek; and,

WHEREAS, FoCC recognizes Cedar Creek as the most fully protected natural stream system in Indiana - one of the only three designated scenic rivers in the entire state but also is aware of many pressures that could diminish or destroy its qualities, including but not limited to real estate development, drainage construction, misguided and inappropriate flood control schemes, weakening of existing protective controls, and clearing projects altering natural hydrology and vegetation; now therefore;

BE IT RESOLVED, THIS 4th day of May, 1996, in annual meeting assembled, that under the original name of The Cedar Creek Wildlife Project, Inc. (CCWP) - now known as Friends of Cedar Creek (FoCC), supports enhanced recognition of Cedar Creek state scenic river, as an Indiana River of Science, to be protected in its present configuration as a yardstick standard of nature; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the qualities of Cedar Creek can best be improved by addresses to its upper watershed, by protecting and restoring wetlands, reforestation of cleared sites, reduced mechanical drainage activity, acquisition of conservation and foliage easements, developmental and agricultural setbacks, and similar steps to restore natural conditions of the stream and its watershed, and which will reduce the inflow of all manner of pollutants; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that FoCC and other interests are encouraged to cooperate with educational and scientific institutions in the development of a body of knowledge to which natural aquatic ecosystems may contribute, and which do not infringe upon private property interests.

Updated November 29, 2015



leaf Supports an ongoing "No Herbicide Spraying" program in Northeast Indiana.

leaf Supports the enhanced recognition of Cedar Creek as an Indiana River of Science

leaf Discovered and fought cyanide dumping into Cedar Creek from upstream industries

leaf Helped Allen County choose alternatives to installing a sewer linedown the center of Cedar Creek (with a 75-foot construction easement on each side).

leaf Participated in a monthly "Don't Waste" recycling program at the Dupont Road site.

leaf Contributed significant ideas and experience to the Allen County Master Plan

leaf Membership doubled in 2009

leaf Seven major studies of the watershed

leaf Educational meetings with speakers from universities and community leaders

leaf Supported efforts to establish Fox Island County Park and Nature Preserve

leaf Friends of Cedar Creek encouraged Allen County Highway Department to chose rustic timbers to maintain the Cedar Creek valley's natural character when the Auburn Road bridge that crosses Cedar Creek was reconstructed.

leaf The 1876 Hursh Road Bridge crossing Cedar Creek is on the National Registry of Historic Places.